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Lavamac range includes high-spin freestanding washers, rigid mounted washers, hygienic barrier washers, tumble-dryers and flatwork ironers.

Through its network of distributors, the Group equips three types of end-users: coin operated laundry (“COIN”), on-premise laundry (“OPL”) and commercial laundry. Lavamac also sells to industrial laundries, larger on-premise laundries, dry-cleaners.

Lavamac barrier washers are very popular for hospital laundries. Solutions offered by Lavamac are used for hotels, sport clubs, air lines, marines, military and many other.

Our well-recognised global brand stands for high-quality, value-for-money and reliability. We are continuously investing in capabilities to develop improved product solutions in terms of environmental and user friendliness as well as hygienic quality standards.


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